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Health guarantee and conditions of adoption

This health guarantee covers for a maximum of ten (10) days, the viral diseases in incubation which could not have been detected before the adoption. During this period, in the event of a viral health problem, we undertake to have the puppy treated at our expense. The puppies examined and found to have a viral disease must be brought back to us within 24 hours to be treated by our veterinarian. If the buyer lives more than an hour's drive from our residence, he must notify us by telephone within the same period. We will make the decision together to send the puppy to a veterinary clinic near the purchaser. (If the costs turn out to be higher than what the breeding veterinarian would have charged, the breeder   will reimburse the smaller of the 2 amounts.) If these conditions are not respected, the guarantee for viral diseases will no longer be valid and we will not reimburse any veterinary expenses. All viral diseases that the animal may contract after the incubation period of 10 days, will be the full responsibility of the purchaser and the latter will have to have the puppy treated at his own expense.

This health guarantee also covers, for a period of two (2) years, major congenital or hereditary malformations causing permanent physical incapacity significant enough to justify euthanasia of the dog. In the event of a health problem that is covered by the guarantee, we will replace the dog with another puppy of the same value and under the same conditions. Under no circumstances will there be a refund, either in part or in full.

Please note that negligence, nutritional deficiency or excess weight, lack of necessary care and/or abuse may void the warranty.

A diagnosis of a genetic disease, which could lead to the death of the dog, issued by a licensed veterinarian, indicating the reason and causes of the disease, as well as the dog's detailed description, microchip number and date of birth must be returned to the breeder. In case of death, an autopsy report issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian, indicating the reason and causes of death as well as a detailed description of the dog, its date of birth and its microchip number will be necessary. The autopsy must reveal without any doubt that the death of the dog is due to a congenital or hereditary disease and this, within two (2) years from the date of acquisition of the dog. If no document demonstrating an anomaly or disease causing suffering is given to the breeder to prove the death of the dog as well as the reasons for its death, the breeder will not be obliged to give a replacement puppy to the acquirer.

For identification purposes, photos of the dog will also be required in the case of a death.

All veterinary care incurred following an illness or death of the dog as well as the costs incurred following an autopsy are the responsibility of the purchaser. Under no circumstances will the breeder reimburse the costs of veterinarians, transport, maintenance, care, moral prejudice, damages and interest or any other expenses or inconveniences of any nature whatsoever.

The health guarantee is only valid for the purchaser who has done business directly with Jolé. It is non-transferable. If the dog is transferred or sold to a person other than the one mentioned on the adoption contract, the guarantee becomes void.

In the event of a dispute between the breeder and the purchaser, recourse must take place in the region of the breeder.

All puppies are adopted with an anon-breeding agreement. They are sold as pets only and must be neutered, without exception, before they are 10 months old. The Canadian Kennel Club certificate and microchip number will remain in the name of the kennel until the sterilization certificate has been sent. Sterilization must be done before the puppy reaches 10 months. The sterilization certificate must be sent to the farm by the treating veterinary clinic via email within a reasonable period of fourteen (14) post-operative days. If the dog or the female dog is not sterilized before the age of 10 months, the health guarantee will be cancelled, the certificate of the Canadian Kennel Club, the number of the microchip will not be given to you and therefore, the breeding will remain dog owner.

It is your responsibility to send proof of sterilization to the breeder within the time period mentioned. No reason or reason explaining the delay will be accepted.


Not covered by health guarantee.

  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) or death due to low sugar.

  • The size, size and color of the dog as an adult.

  • The temperament of the dog as an adult.

  • Teething.

  • Hernia.

  • Allergy to vaccines, food, environmental or other.

  • The following internal or external parasites: coccidiosis, giardia, mites, ticks, fleas or others.

  • Illnesses related to poor diet or unsuitable diet.

  • Dislocation of the patella.

  • No warranty applies if the dog is used for breeding.


The breeder claims that at the time of adoption, the puppy will be healthy. He will have received his first vaccination and deworming and will have been examined by a licensed veterinarian. The puppy will also have been socialized from a young age.

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