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Adopting a puppy from Ann~Lou

A new adventure begins…

Adopting an animal is a serious decision and it must be carefully considered. It is important to get as much information as possible about the breed you are planning to acquire and the care to be given to it. Remember that when you adopt an animal, you have to keep it for life.


Giving education advice and staying in contact with buyers is part of breeding monitoring as I understand it. This is why I remain available to new "parents" following the adoption of the puppy in order to facilitate the transition. And then it's always a real pleasure to receive news of the dogs born in my home!


A deposit of $500 is required for the reservation of a puppy. This amount will be reduced from the total amount but is not refundable in case of cancellation on your part.  

All my puppies are given to their adoptive family:


  • With a 2-year health guarantee.

  • With their up-to-date vaccines.

  • Treated against internal parasites 5 times. 

  • Identified by an electronic chip.

  • With 5 sachets of pro and prebiotics to ease the stress of changing house and avoid diarrhea.

  • With a starter kit that contains: raw food, treats, bones, various toys, comforter, booklet, etc.

  • With health insurancePetSecureof 6 weeks.

Puppies never leave their mother before 8 weeks of life. At the time of their departure, they will have passed a complete medical examination carried out by my veterinarian and their health record will be given to you.

* All puppies are adopted with anon-breeding agreement. They are sold as pets only and must be neutered, without exception, before 12 months of age.  


** The Canadian Kennel Club certificate and the microchip number will remain in the name of the kennel until the sterilization certificate has not been sent. Neutering should be done before the puppy reaches 12 months. The certificate of sterilization must be sent to the farm by the attending veterinary clinic, within a reasonable period of fourteen (14) days post-operatively, via email to the following address; breeding@******

*** If the dog or female dog is not sterilized before the age of 8 months, the Canadian Kennel Club certificate and the microchip number will not be given to you and the health guarantee will be void. Ann~Lou will therefore remain the legal owner of the dog.

Puppies available for adoption

No puppies available at this time.

Upcoming litters

Next litters planned for January 2023

We are currently taking applications for future litters.

Last updated on:
December 2022

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