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Food for dogs and puppies

With us, all adult dogs and puppies are holistically and healthy fed, as nature intended.   Their daily menu consists of meat and fish, bones, offal and raw eggs, vegetables, fruits, oils and vitamins. Industrial food (croquettes) is devoid of any natural element and filled with additives, beet pulp, brewer's rice, cereals full of toxins, animal waste unsuitable for consumption and unsuitable for the digestive system of dogs.


For several years (even before being a breeder) I wondered if the kibble food I fed my dogs was really good for their health since when I read the ingredients, there were always words I didn't know the meaning of. As all the  doctors in the world advise their patients to eat healthy, complete and unprocessed ingredients, it seemed illogical to me to give kibble to my dogs. So I did research, attended conferences on the subject and then I took training, to finally realize that my doubts were well founded! Kibble food is far from being a good diet for our beloved furry ones! 

Dogs (and cats) have short digestive systems, which means they are meant to digest food quickly. Cooked foods take much longer to digest compared to raw foods, and raw foods contain vitamins and enzymes in their natural state, making nutrients available and more easily absorbed by our pets.


Also, dogs (and cats) don't have the digestive enzymes in their saliva like humans do to digest grains, so this further complicates the digestion process when they eat grain-based dry food.

Raw food, a key element for health!

  • Optimized digestion

  • Healthier gums and teeth

  • Healthy and disease-free skin

  • Shiny and silky coat

  • Eliminates bad body odor

  • Promotes vitality and well-being

  • Better weight management and muscle health

  • Better protein assimilation

  • Better hydration

  • Better immune system

  • Less odorous and fewer stools

  • Better overall health

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