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About me

Animal lover since my early childhood, my life has always been shared with feathered or furry friends. I couldn't imagine it otherwise. This love that I have for them, I transmitted it to my children. They are as passionate as their mother about them. 

I knew the Cavalier King Charles breed when I was very young. I dreamed about it for years but not finding breeders anywhere, my parents and I   finally opted for a beautiful American Cocker Spaniel. I loved this dog, but my God he was drooling! When I was finally able to realize my dream and adopt my first Cavalier, I knew my life had just changed! So I decided to start the process to create my breeding. This project is without a doubt, the most beautiful and satisfying of my life. ​

​ So as a serious and dedicated breeder, I find it important to improve my knowledge and continue to learn, to always give the best to my dogs. Here are some of the trainings I took. 

  • Understand the organic water paw canine diet

  • Understanding the raw diet of Patte d'eau Bio

  • Balance the raw food of my dog from Patte d'eau Bio

  • Choosing the right natural supplements for my dog from Patte D'eau Bio

  • Holly & Hugo animal psychology training

  • Canadian Kennel Club Farrowing Training

  • Canine breeding: BABA until farrowing by CNF PRO

  • Canine breeding: Development and awakening of the CNF PRO puppy

I only raise purebred dogs by carefully choosing my breeders. 

I am a member of the Canadian Kennel Club.

All my breeders are genetically and DNA tested

  Johanne Légaré

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